Customization Work Order Waiver Form

No International Sales

All work is done on customer provided OEM slides, frames, lower receivers, etc.

Prior to completing the Work Order/Waiver form, please Contact Us for a quote.

  • Please complete the Customization Work Order Wavier Form below.  A copy of this order form will be e-mailed to you, which will need to be printed off and included with your item(s).  Customer must include a copy of their driver’s license when sending a frame, receiver, complete firearm or barreled action.
  • Firearms, frames, lower receivers & barreled actions need to be shipped to Gunworks Machine via UPS or FedEx with signature confirmation required.
  • All other items may be sent through the U.S. Post Office.
  • See Payment Options below.

Thank you,
Gunworks Machine, LLC


    • After submission of Work Order Waiver Form, Gunworks Machine will e-mail a quote with pricing which includes shipping. 
    • Customer’s payment options are as follows:
      • Customer may send a money order made payable to Gunworks Machine, LLC.
      • Gunworks Machine will e-mail an invoice when work is complete and customer may pay from that invoice through a secure link.
      • Customer may come in person to pick up items and pay with cash or credit card.
    • Firearms, frames, lower receivers & barreled actions will be returned to the customer via UPS or FedEx with adult signature confirmation.  
    • All other items will be returned to the customer through the U.S. Post Office with signature confirmation, unless customer states otherwise.
    • Please note that any work not paid for within 30 days of invoice sent, will become property of Gunworks Machine, LLC.